Logitech is making it easier to type on a gaming keyboard in VR

One aspect of VR that has been overlooked is using a keyboard in a virtual world. It can feel a bit clunky once you've slapped on a headset and transported yourself into a virtual space. To address this, Logitech is launching an accessory kit that lets you see its keyboard in VR.

It's called the Bridge developers kit and it works with the HTC Vive. The kit consists of a Logitech G gaming keyboard, a Vive Tracker that attaches to the upper-left corner of the keyboard, and a software development kit (SDK) for developers.

Once connected, Logitech's software plops a virtual keyboard on top of the real one, allowing you to see both the keyboard and your hands. From there it's up to developers to get clever in how to best utilize the keyboard tracking, such as by customizing the look and function of the keys.

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