Google is set to dismantle Google Plus

Google is bidding adieu to Google Plus , an awkwardly named social network that the American search engine had launched four years ago hoping it would become a serious rival to Facebook .

Google has spent the last several months chopping up Google Plus's most useful pieces and making them separate services as it moves away from making Google Plus the central hub for all Google-related activity.
Yesterday, the company announced its most drastic step for breaking up Google Plus.
Google has announced more sweeping changes for Google Plus over the next few months as it restructures network into two distinctly separate products: streams and photos.
Google now says that in the coming months, you'll only need to create a Google account to do things such as creating a YouTube channel, communicating with contacts and other key functionalities.
Google also announced it's adding a new feature to the social network called Google Plus Collections, which lets users share and read posts sorted by existing topics like sneakers, gluten-free recipes and Ireland or all-new user-generated topics.

The changes also mark a symbolic end of Google Plus as a social network meant to rival Facebook.

"For our part, the biggest issue with Google's social network is that it just wasn't social enough, the layout of the site wasn't as inviting or friendly as Facebook's traditional layout has been and we still haven't seen any indication that Google really gets how the social web works," Google explained on its official blog.



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