HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 25 April 2019

HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 25 April 2019



A friend may ask to borrow some money today, Aries. You may feel that he or she is asking for more than is really needed, and certainly more than you're willing to give. You might think this puts you in an awkward position. Try to talk to your friend and explain your situation. If you have to say no, just say it. A real friend will understand and look elsewhere for the money.




Some of your job responsibilities are too much for one person and they might weigh you down today, Taurus. The pile of work seems to get steadily bigger no matter what you do. Delegate if you can. Put the least urgent tasks aside and work your way steadily the rest. Your employer may or may not expect too much of you, but you're entitled to your sanity no matter what.




A sudden fascination with metaphysical or spiritual concepts could have you wanting to read as much as you can on the subject, Gemini. Your enthusiasm could lead you in a dozen different directions, which could eventually lead to mental overload. It might be a better idea to take one subject at a time than try to learn about them all at once. Stay focused!




A business enterprise with a friend might seem a little shaky today, Cancer. You could alternate between enthusiasm and gloom regarding this project. It's probably a good one and could lead to the success you want. Don't make any negative judgments about its future based on what happens today. All should be progressing again within a few days. Hang in there!




A business deal that you may have been working to finish could require you to tie up a lot of loose ends today, Leo. You might be pulled in a lot of different directions. Don't panic! Get some help if you can. Make a list of what you have to do and cross each task off as it's completed. Stay focused and all should go well. You will achieve the results you want.




Accomplishing some important business might require touching base with many people who live and work far away, perhaps in other countries. This might require that you spend a lot of time on the phone, and it also would require allowing for the different time zones, which could be a drag. You will eventually make the contacts you need, even if they don't come until tomorrow.




If you've been thinking about investing, Libra, this isn't the day to commit to anything. This is a great day to consider your options, study economic trends, and analyze what you want from investing. It isn't a good day to hand over the money. Land could be a strong possibility. Consult with professionals, read the papers, and look into all kinds of opportunities before committing to one.




Working at home could be difficult today, especially if you're finalizing a business deal, Scorpio. Other household members will be coming and going, slamming doors, asking questions, bringing their friends in. If you're doing household chores, forget it for now and return to it when it's quieter. If you're approaching a deadline, close the door and tell others to leave you alone for a while.




Today you might feel the urge to get all unfinished work done, Sagittarius. You could suddenly be in a frenzy to work quickly but perhaps not as conscientiously as you should. You may spend a lot of time going through paperwork and discarding what's outdated. It might be a better idea to slow down a little and look closely at what you're doing. You won't want to throw out something you may need later.



A sudden burst of inspiration for a creative project might keep you busy in the morning and afternoon, Capricorn. You will need information and materials you don't have at home, and finding them might require a larger expenditure of time, energy, and money than you initially thought. Don't give up on the idea. It's likely to be a good one and you will definitely want to pursue it.



Too many people may be vying for your attention today, Aquarius, both at work and home. You will want to make them all happy, so you may feel a little frazzled. Your temper might also be on edge. It would be better to put off the less urgent demands than work yourself into a frenzy. Those who matter would rather have you enjoy life than tire yourself out for their sake.





Communications coming your way today may be more plentiful than useful, Pisces. You could receive lots of confusing phone calls. At first you will be excited by the mailbox full of letters, but then you'll find that some are junk while others are addressed to people you've never heard of. Hang in there. This tendency should pass by tomorrow!