HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 13 February 2020

HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 13 February 2020


Wanderlust takes hold today and you are motivated to expand your mind. Taking a class, reading, meditating, or traveling could appeal to you. It’s important for you to share this experience with someone or to connect meaningfully with a stranger who can teach you something new and interesting. Meanwhile, you may feel discouraged about career prospects -- it seems like you aren’t making fast enough progress right now. You must remember how far you’ve already come on your journey to make a name and future for yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Intense experiences allow you to get in touch with your senses today. Studying the occult or psychology could be on your agenda. You’re determined to devote more thought to what makes life meaningful, but expect your outlook to continually change and evolve. When a belief no longer serves you, release it and develop another. This isn’t hypocritical; it’s healthy. Despite your philosophical bent, you’ll continue to keep your nose to the grindstone now, but it may not seem like you’re moving forward. Instead of doubting yourself, assume everything will work to your advantage. Faith is a powerful lever.


It’s an important day for your relationships and partnerships -- especially the ones that have hit turbulent waters. You’re forced to acknowledge the tides of change and this realization could cast a somber fog over part of the day. Although you’ve enjoyed your time with a gifted individual, they seem determined to move on to greener pastures. If this person has been silencing their grievances, they’ll take this opportunity to air them, so be ready to hear some painful truths. An obsession with perfection did some damage to your alliance. This information will help you grow.


 You put a lot of effort into your work today. Your nurturing approach inspires people to have enthusiasm and faith in their own abilities, so don’t be surprised if you’re asked to assume leadership of a team. Despite your professional success, though, difficulty and sadness over your personal relationships can linger beneath the surface. Keep a piece of home with you throughout the day for comfort. Remember to take regular breaks. Once the workday is over, you can call a friend for a heartfelt talk. Be honest if their behavior has been hurting you.


 Recent disappointments in your work life inspire you to throw caution to the wind and take the day off. You long to focus your energies on recreation, romance, or playing among children now, hoping to recover a bit of youthful innocence. Difficulties with coworkers or complications with your health will seem like distant memories. Your mind is busy and you feel the need to be more in your body as a result. Playing sports or games of chance can be a good way to clear your head this evening. Bring your attention to what makes you happy.


Activity is directed toward the home front today -- your family, parents, abode, and personal life take the lead. There is a feeling of duty and responsibility when it comes to things that should really be more fun. You may feel inhibited and unable to express yourself to the extent that you would like to right now. It's also possible you'll have a sentimental connection to childhood possessions and a nostalgic feeling for the past, which could lead to looking through family photos or reading a book you loved as a kid. Rearrange your space to invite more creativity.


It could be difficult to move forward on a decision today. Endlessly weighing the pros and cons gets you nowhere and this feeling of stagnation makes you crave physical activity. Housework provides a welcome outlet for frustration -- you’ll feel more grounded after tidying up your space. Once this cleaning session is complete, you’ll be ready to make a bold move. Abandoning a familiar job that has gone stale is a strong possibility. Although earning a steady paycheck has been nice, you’ve outgrown a position that has become predictable. Follow your heart.


 You could have to contend with frustrating circumstances in your immediate environment today. Your neighborhood, siblings, or local commute can become a source of major annoyance and disruption. Make sure to carry a little emergency cash -- being able to buy something to alleviate stress, boredom, or hunger is better than suffering in silence. Have faith that a moneymaking opportunity is worth pursuing now, even if it means sitting in traffic or navigating a complicated detour. Be patient and remember your sense of humor. You’ll make a fantastic impression if you arrive at your destination in a good mood.


You just want to have fun right now and you’re willing to spend a little money to do this. Friends take priority and you want to be out in public, getting involved in community events or a night out on the town. Romance is also in the air, and you could meet a potential lover through a friend or organization. Alternatively, someone you're dating could introduce you to a new social circle or special interest group. Your independent and open-minded nature will gravitate toward free-wheeling individuals who aren’t trying to convert you to their way of thinking. Embrace those who will help you expand your horizons.

For most of the day, you’ll be dealing with some heavy feelings that make it harder to work with others. It’s perfectly appropriate to allow yourself some solitude. You could use this time working on behalf of a charity, raising money for a good cause or giving a voice to the voiceless. As evening approaches, you’ll feel more sociable. Attending an intimate gathering will restore your faith in humanity and could even cause you to look at an old friend in a romantic light. Stranger things have happened.


 You’re inclined to engage in activities with friends and groups today. Being surrounded by supportive, optimistic people fuels your own enthusiasm. Beware of dwelling on past disappointments, though -- they will inhibit you from exploring new vistas. The more adventurous you are, the easier it will be to attract the love, money, and opportunities you desire. When your faith falters, ask your friends to give you a pep talk. A well-connected member of your social circle could help you navigate a complicated bureaucracy, allowing you to get the money you want to finance a dream. This could be the beginning of monetary magic.


 You have an opportunity to advance your career and reputation today. Don't lend credence to anyone who accuses of you of being too ambitious. Drawing on your desire for success will help you out of a limiting situation that has been dulling your spirit. You have a heightened awareness of the transformative changes happening in your world right now. Take a moment to appreciate the rebirth that is occurring as you commit yourself to the goals that fill you with excitement. The future is so bright that you’ll want to wear shades.

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