HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 10 May 2019


 Less is more should be your motto for today, Aries. The more you cut back in certain areas of your life, the more room you open up to bring in new and exciting things. Go ahead and say no to people, and don't feel badly about it. Take care of yourself and your needs as much as you take care of the needs of the people around you.



You may be asked to slow down today, Taurus. Whether this comes in the form of a speeding ticket or a scrape on the knee when you trip, you must listen to this message. The key for you now isn't to get too emotional as a result of this slowdown. Know that it's for your own good. Don't complain about it - just do it.



 Share your skills today, Gemini. You will find that as you engage in the role of teacher, you learn more than if you just hold onto your knowledge without sharing it. You will be challenged in ways you didn't even think possible. Perhaps you will be forced to do a little research when questions arise that you don't know how to answer.



Don't underestimate the power of other people today, Cancer. They may seem flighty and scatterbrained on the outside, but underneath you will find that they have a great deal of wisdom to share. It might take some probing on your part to draw this wisdom out, but once you do, the outpouring of information will richly reward you.




 Remember that there's a benevolent force out there that loves you, Leo. No matter what, there's always a shoulder to cry on, even if it isn't a tangible one. Even in your darkest moments, you're never alone. Let this knowledge carry you through the day. Feel free to share it with others who seem like they could use a lift.



Don't hesitate to say the obvious today, Virgo, even if it sounds corny. Many times people hesitate to say what they really feel because they think it's obvious to everyone. The truth of the matter is that most people aren't mind readers and probably aren't picking up on the subtle signals that you send out. Help them by speaking frankly.



Look to older figures for advice today, Libra. Seek counsel with a parent or grandparent on issues you feel strongly about. Relationships with older people are likely to go especially well, and you will find you can break through barriers that may have existed between you and a certain member of your family. Make a conscious effort to patch any rifts among your closest kin.



Consider composing a bit of poetry today, Scorpio. Use this as an exercise to condense your ocean of emotions into a very few words. You might find that a great deal of your inner turmoil really boils down to just one or two central things. Let your written words express this as succinctly as possible.




 Just because your emotions are reserved or somber today doesn't mean you shouldn't share them with others, Sagittarius. Work through difficulties by processing your feelings and running them by someone close. Keep your interaction limited to just one person at a time so you don't get overshadowed by a third party who wants to get their opinion in at the same time.



You may need to jump to many different people and situations today, Capricorn, yet something is holding you back. Listen to this inner voice that's asking you to be conservative at this time. You have many more profound things to say when you filter your thoughts through a large funnel. Be open and accepting of many things, but only allow a limited outflow.



You feel like you have a stone strapped to your back, Aquarius. The farther you walk with this load, the slower you go, and the more hunched over you will be by the time you reach your destination. Unloaded the stone from your pack. Realize that this break in your journey will help you make much better time in the long run and save you from a great deal of physical strain.



Feel free to break ties with certain people now, Pisces. You may be overextending your emotional bank account by investing too much of yourself in others' lives. You may not even realize how much this sort of action taxes you until you rid yourself of unnecessary baggage. Make phone calls shorter and time in the bathtub longer.