HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 01 January 2019


You may not feel in sync with the day's energy, Aries. Something about it may not sit right with you. Your natural instinct to want to take the lead may be overshadowed by an unwillingness to even get up. You may feel like your internal fire is squelched, especially when it comes to love and beauty. If your mind is cloudy, don't worry about it. The fog will clear soon.



Issues regarding love and romance should be going well for you now, Taurus. You will find that your natural tendency to ground and plan is working perfectly with your desire to find what you want in a mate. Things may be about to come to a dramatic climax in your emotional realm. A foggy, dreamy feeling may make it difficult for you to keep your feet on the ground.



You may want to escape into your dreams today, Gemini. Trying to do something practical may be met with opposition, as the general mood of the day calls for things to be more ethereal and elusive. Connect with your sensitive side and feel free to spend time on artistic projects. You may have to take a more grounded approach when it comes to matters of love.



You will be able to find a greater connection to your inner soul today, Cancer. You will also find that you're more psychic than usual. Trust your intuition. The more you look inward, the more you're apt to find the solutions to your outward questions. Combine a sense of dreamy emotion with a grounded feeling of love and beauty. You may need to balance your cloudy head with stable roots.




You may have many irons in the fire today, Leo. People and projects could demand your attention, yet you may feel so dreamy and unmotivated that it could be hard to make progress on any of them. Creative solutions are the best route for you. Be flexible and open to other people's ideas, and make sure you consider the unlikeliest ways to tackle the issues.



 This is going to be a great day for you, Virgo. Strangely enough, you will find that tension may help you get things done. There's an easiness today that will create openings for exploring creative outlets. Regarding love and romance, try to stay grounded. You and the object of your desire may have two different points of view on the relationship. Communicate clearly.



You may need to let go and release your control, Libra. You know what you want, so just trust your intuition. If you continue to let your brain do all the work, you will probably miss valuable information that can only come when you slow down and look within. Connect with others on sensitive issues and feel free to let your guard down. Let your mind work freely.



This is an excellent day for you, Scorpio. You will find that things automatically flow your way. You will receive more attention than usual and be the center of any social gathering. The one difficult point might be intimate relations with others. Romantic issues may take on a more serious, grounded tone at this time.



You may feel a bit lazy and unmotivated today, Sagittarius. It could be hard to drag yourself out of bed. In terms of love and romance, there's apt to be some tension, as one part of you wants to make plans while another part is feeling up in the air and in the clouds. These two different viewpoints might make it difficult to make a move in any one direction.



Love and romance are apt to be going quite well for you now, Capricorn. You should find that it's easier to be yourself in a partnership. Let your romantic side shine through. Indulge in delicious candlelit dinners and share your deepest fantasies with those you love. If your partner resists this energy now, you may want to consider looking elsewhere for romantic company.



You may feel a great deal of nervous energy today, Aquarius. Tension could come to you from all angles. Indecisiveness might be your biggest problem. You may be in a frenzy trying to figure out where to move next. The key is to slow down and relax. Don't make a move without evaluating things. Be careful about acting too hastily, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.



Issues having to do with love and romance are in your favor today, Pisces. You're more in touch with your emotions. You will find that your attitude toward love is more grounded than usual. Feel free to let go of some control. Let fate take you where it will in this department. Also make sure that you don't worry so much about things. Worrying will cause doubt, something you don't need.