Prime minister Jugnauth talks about Air Mauritius, MP Tarolah, a case of assault and torn political banners in Quatre-Bornes

Pravind Jugnauth
The Prime minister says that he will take actions in the Tarolah case if he has all the facts.

Pravind Jugnauth said yesterday that the concerted move of a dozen pilots who fell ill on Thursday last is unacceptable. He further said that Air Mauritius has incurred a loss of Rs 242 million after this concerned action.

He made this statement after the Political Bureau of his party, the Mouvement Socialist Mauricien.

Questioned about the future of Kalyan Tarolah, member of his party and member of Parliament, he said that he will take actions when he will be in presence of all the facts.

“Taking the law in one’s own hand is not allowed to anyone” said the Prime minister when he was questioned on an assault which took place at Anjalay stadium recently.

Prime minister Pravind Jugnauth further stated that he will see to it that the by-election campaign in Belle-Rose/Quatre-Bornes proceeds in peace and discipline.

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