IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF LOWER PLAINES WILHEMS : Woman found guilty of having rained insults on her neighbor in public

Court  Report

Bad neighbourly relations often lead to bitter experience in courtroom and hard to swallow ruling from the magistrate's desk.

A elderly and awe stricken women made that bad experience today in Lower Plaines Wilhems district court  today when she was declared guilty of having insulted her neighbour four years ago.

As all petty quarrels, it started with a trivial incident. Water was spilled on accused doorstep by the plaintiff.

According to testimonies, accused rained insults on her neighbour, the plaintiff.


In court, accused was not represented by counsel and pleaded not guilty.

However, she did not make use of her right to cross-examine the witness who, on her side, deponed in a coherent manner.

Furthermore, instead details about the incident itself, accused gave long explanations on the problems she had with the witness.

This served to convince the court that accused has serious grudge against the witness and thus reasons to insult her.

She was found guilty of insults.  Sentence will be made known to her at a later date.

Court also added that the insult having been  made in a public place, the sentence will be heavier.

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