Salman Khan's security increased after arrested gangster reveals plans to shoot the actor

Salman Khan is facing a new threat. Earlier in January, notorious gangster, Lawrence Bishnoi had issued an open threat to kill the actor when he was in Jodhpur. Lawrence’s motive was reported to be to teach Jodhpur Police a lesson whom he feels has falsely indicted him in a murder case. Now, seems like Lawrence has decided to put his plan into action. On June 6, Special Task Force (STF) of Haryana police arrested Lawrence’s associate, sharp-shooter Sampat Nehra in Hyderabad. The subsequent probe revealed that he was on a mission to murder Salman Khan.

The police found pictures of Salman’s house Galaxy Apartment on Sampat’s phone. The probe revealed that Sampat has been on a recce of the area around the actor’s house. “In the first week of May, Sampat Nehra was in Mumbai and surveyed the house of Salman Khan and the time when he comes out in the balcony of his house to wave to his fans. He tried to find out the distance to the balcony and had even taken few photographs of the house,” said Satheesh Balan, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Haryana Special Task Force, on Saturday. Balan also added that Nehra is a blind follower of Lawrence and was following his orders. (ALSO READ: Shocking! Salman Khan’s Hum Saath Saath Hai co-star, Kunickaa Sadanand gets death threats from the Bishnoi community)

Sampat was arrested in Hyderabad where he was staying in a flat provided by Lawrence. As per reports, the investigation revealed that he was going to be provided with a weapon there which he was supposed to use to carry out the plan. “Sampat Nehra had been staying at the flat for the past twenty days on the pretext of finding a job. At the opportune time, he would have travelled to Mumbai from Hyderabad to shoot Salman,” an official is quoted by DNA.

A senior police official has told Hindustan Times that they have enhanced security around Salman’s house in Bandra, Mumbai. “We have enhanced the overall security of Salman Khan. Police will be present around his apartment to make sure no nefarious activity is done by the gang from Rajasthan,” he said.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang is quite notorious in Rajasthan. The leader himself is in the jail currently and reportedly has been operating from there.