SHOCKING! Priyanka Chopra labelled as a SCAMSTER by The Cut; Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Sonam Kapoor, fans OUTRAGED

While the world is rejoicing the special moment of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, a rare one that sees the worlds of Bollywood and American music coming together, a piece of nasty article seems to have created a stir on social media! A recent article published by The Cut online claims that Priyanka Chopra is a global scamster who tricked the ‘innocent’ Nick Jonas into getting married to her. This definitely hasn’t gone down well with the Twitter users who have lashed out at the magazine and the writer of the story.

The New York magazine is currently receiving flak for carrying an article that is not only demeaning the actress’ career but also for its racist and sexist remarks. Many have called out the writer Mariah Smith and the thoughts she expressed in the article by describing it as misogynistic. Some have also said that the article is a result of jealousy and also spewing hatred against brown skin and Indian women.