Apple reveals iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

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You knew it was coming, and if you managed to suffer through that brutally long keynote, the new iPhone made an appearance about an hour-and-a-half into the two-hour event. They’re called iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The body style is the same this year, but Apple says it changed everything about them.There are still two phones of different sizes — the 6s is 4.7 inches and the Plus is 5.5 inches. The screens are something new, though.

Apple has added a technology called 3D Touch, which sounds like similar branding of Force Touch from the Apple Watch. The screen is still capacitive, but it can tell the difference between a tap and a harder press.

This has the potential to make it easier to get things done on the phone without digging into menus (and it’s faster than a long-press).

Inside, the new iPhones have a 64-bit A9 ARM chip with 70% more CPU performance and 90% more GPU power than the previous phones. The system can now listen for Siri commands at all times, whether the phone is plugged in or not.

Apple says the new 12MP rear camera (up from 8MP) in the 6s and 6s Plus offers more accurate colors and lower noise thanks to custom sensor manufacturing techniques. The iPhone can also do 4k video with this sensor now. The new 5MP front-facing camera can actually trigger the display to act as a flash for selfies.

If you just can’t keep using your busted old iPhone in this age of the 6s, you’ll be able to pre-order one on September 12. The full price for the phones is $650 and up. It’s a spendy device, but at least you can get it in rose gold now.



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