Sagittarius Astro Predictions 2016

2016 will begin on a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the ride and embrace for some stormy times ahead. For some January and February will see possibility of falling in romance or marriage is on cards. In general, this year will be full of activities. Build up all the energy that is needed as you have to capitalize and be ready for all situations that will arise this year. The year will be of sustaining and continual change and reformation and your luck should continue in the areas of banking, loans, partner’s money, settlement and etc. Your focus on spiritualism will continue this year and you may be visiting pilgrimage and charity. Be prepared for taking up more responsibilities and expect delays in matters concerning to finance. Ensure you give enough time to your relationships as it needs lot of nourishment and at times it can be daunting but all is well that ends well. Your health should be robust or in good shape and use these to your advantage. Overall in 2016, your personality would have transformed further and it should be for positive good. Try to keep track of finances and expenditure as you may be focusing on many new fronts with lot of energy. There is possibility that you will be receiving benefits from overseas and travelling abroad. Peace, mediation and spiritual focus will always be beneficial and will help give positive results.










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