HOROSCOPE: Daily Predictions 07 October 2018


A creative project that you've been working on may be coming to a climactic peak now, Aries. Discuss your progress with others and feel free to hold an informal critique in order to get honest feedback on your work. A piece of art should stir some sort of reaction inside another person. Consider ways in which you can challenge the people around you with your talent.


Be aware that love is likely to wear some sort of disguise today, Taurus. There's something fanciful about the way in which this new romance will manifest, so get ready. Don't think that love always has to be planned and calculated. There is a strong sense of spontaneity associated with the delicious love interest of the day. Don't dismiss those who don't seem practical or levelheaded enough for you.


Take your loved one out for a romantic dinner tonight, Gemini. Escort him or her on a magic-carpet ride to fantastic places that encourage a playful mood and carefree attitude. Consider having a bottle of wine at a playground. Decorate your house with candles and burn some incense. Create a mood that will calm the nerves and soothe the soul. Your sense of romance is right on target.


When it comes to romantic relationships, Cancer, you might find that you're playing more of a game of hide-and-go-seek than a combined effort toward friendship, trust, and honesty. It could be that you're purposely trying to hide in order to test the stamina of your opponent. You might want to take a new approach now, one that involves an effort toward connecting instead of distancing.


You're apt to be somewhat fickle when it comes to love and romance right now, Leo. The key for you now is freedom. The problem with this mindset is that it might be misinterpreted. Your partner may think you simply aren't interested in him or her anymore. Remind your partner that it's OK to love someone while also needing time and space to do things on your own.


You may be confused when it comes to matters of the heart, Virgo. Perhaps you feel cheated when the object of your desire doesn't give you complete attention at all times. The fundamental security of your being is your responsibility, not someone else's. Find a way to incorporate your dreams into the dreams of others instead of always working toward goals at opposite sides of the spectrum.


Your fairytale imagination of how your romantic life should run is hooking you up with many different opportunities, Libra. Whether you realize it or not, the optimal situation you seek is within your grasp. Make sure that you aren't trying to manipulate a certain person into becoming the person you want him or her to be. If you're unhappy in your relationship, perhaps you need to find someone new.


Your dreams work out quite nicely in your head, Scorpio, but the problem now is how to turn them into some sort of real life scenario. Be careful of taking too intellectual of an approach. When it comes to relationships, things don't normally happen logically or rationally. You're going to have to leave a great deal up to chance, so just learn to deal with things as they come.


Love and personal relationships are likely to take on a much dreamier and more romantic tone now, Sagittarius. Your eyes are apt to sparkle as you speak or even think of the person you care about the most. The unmistakable glow that surrounds you is likely to attract others to your side even if you aren't in the market for a romantic relationship right now.


When it comes to relationships with others, be careful about insisting that everything be done only your way, Capricorn. It could be that you have such high expectations of your partner that he or she will never be able to live up to your standards. Basically, you're setting the stage for failure by demanding that the person for you be of a certain make and model.


Your fantasies could come true now, especially when it comes to relationships, Aquarius. This could be the moment you've always dreamed about, so get ready. The attractive, romantic person in the corner has been keeping an eye on you all night. Your blood is pumping faster than ever. Remind yourself that all dreams can come true on a day such as today.


While you normally like all of your romantic relationships to be extremely nurturing and comforting, you may find that this isn't always possible, Pisces. There's a disconnect between you and a close partner right now that could be hard to rectify. Time is really the only thing that's likely to resolve this sort of problem. Remember that all of your relationships can't always go exactly according to plan.