Sanjay Dutt's jail term is being questioned

Sanjay Dutt who was behind the bars and was sentenced to imprisonment for five years for owning arms and ammunitions, which were consigned for the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai, has yet again come to limelight.

After n number of pleas and promises the star was released early and this led people to question that the prison authorities were being lenient towards the Bollywood stars. However, reportedly in response the police officials will be submitting an affidavit soon that shall prove that no special treatment was given to Dutt. Moreover the reason for the early release was his good conduct at the jail.

Sanjay has reportedly worked in jail, making paperbags for which he even earned Rs. 50 per day. Adding further, jail inmates are allowed to reduce their sentence by 294 days and so Dutt was released accordingly.