Ranbir Kapoor caught cheating on Katrina Kaif

Actor Ranbir Kapoor turned 33 a few days ago. His girlfriend, actress Katrina Kaif flew to London to surprise him, and in return all she wanted was a gift from Ranbir.   Katrina had asked Ranbir to quit smoking and he promised her that he would do that.

Alas, Ranbir Kapoor broke his promise to Katrina Kaif and was spotted smoking recently with his best friend Ayan Mukherji and cousin Armaan Jain. The trio were seen at the OKtoberfest held in Munich, Germany.

Obviously, Katrina will be deeply saddened knowing this. The actress was apparently serious about getting Ranbir rid off this deadly addiction.

It was because of this that the couple flew to Original FX Mayr Health Center in Austria, which helps the people who wish to leave smoking.
Reportedly, they both stayed there for a week. While Katrina underwent a few detox sessions, Ranbir took injections to leave nicotine for good. Ranbir also left smoking for two months after the sessions.

But, seems like all has fallen back to square one!

We wonder what explanation Ranbir will give to Katrina for breaking her promise.

All we can hope is that this does not lead to a huge fight between the two love birds!

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