Les utilisateurs de WhatsApp visés par une malveillante arnaque

Des milliers d'utilisateurs de WhatsApp ont déjà été dupés. Le nouveau message prétend provenir de la firme Adidas censée offrir des primes. "The message, which appears to come from an official Adidas website, claims: “Adidas is giving away 3000 Free Pair of Shoes to celebrate its 93rd anniversary. Get your free shoes at:"

Selon des experts de l'informatique, il ne s'agit ni plus ni moins d'une escroquerie montée par des cybercriminels. De ce fait, ils avertissent les internautes que "it’s actually an elaborate scam which could end up with personal details being handed to cyber criminals."

Sur l' (, "Tim Helming, Director, Product Management at DomainTools researched the Url and explained: “This Domain was registered on 31st January 2018 under a private registration. It shares an IP with around 244 other domains. One interesting thing is that it has an Alexa ranking of around 70K - that's pretty good for a scam domain. This scam has obviously caught a lot of people’s eye - it's getting a ton of traffic. Many illegitimate sites look virtually identical to the real thing. This is where looking closely at the URL can make a real difference for staying safe online.”