Mahira Khan is relentless in Verna trailer—Watch

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan left us awe-struck by her performance in Shah Rukh Khan's Raees. She was paired opposite the king of Bollywood and garnered a lot of positive remarks for her performance.

Since then, Mahira has made quite a lot of headlines in the past, owing to her pictures with Ranbir Kapoor that went viral on social media. Mahira was spotted chilling with Ranbir in NYC and received a lot of hate comments owing to her outfit and the fact that she was smoking.

However, Bollywood stood up in Mahira's defence and her fans took a stand for her as well.

Mahira's next movie, Verna releases on November 17, 2017. The trailer unveiled in October and has proven to be quite a hit! 

The Pakistani movie's trailer has been going viral and is close to achieving a whopping 2 million views on YouTube!

Mahira plays a fierce woman, who bravely fights the problems that she comes across. 

Going by the trailer, the movie's story seems to be that of a husband and wife who encounter a series of problems after another man enters their life.

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