An example of accountability in democracy which should be copied and pasted in Mauritius

Right now on BBC, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is on the grill as he testifies before the Senate. Facebook share rises as the CEO upholds transparency and confesses shortcomings & needs for tighter regulations. Yet, this is a listed company. If it was here, what would have been the ‘institutionalized’ corrupt stand : ‘it’s a private company, Parliament cannot answer or disclose any information about such an entity…. even when it’s a listed company with state as majority shareholding! This has been the outrageous culture under all governments and through unanimous approval of all MLAs. 


Remember all the scandals, wastages and fiacos …. have you ever seen any Chairman , CEO or Public Officer being summoned to face Parliament or any Parliamentary Committee, like the PAC? No, they walk away shamelessly with golden handshake… gets even knighted , decorated and makes roaring comebacks at will .. under any regme. If the Constitution can be amended for so-called public interest, why can’t the law be changed here to make those at the helms of our public or public funded institutions accountable publicly for their acts and doings? Here’s a quick win area where the Lepep governments can make history! Instead of perpetuating the perception of playing complicit to cover up the blatant mismanagement of our common resources. Alan Ganoo made recommendation in the early 1990’s so that the PAC can have the power to summon any official from public, public-owned, public- controlled entities. It would seem he has shifted his priorities since then. Power politics seems to be the common agenda of all. 


Worth noting that in the US & Europe, even bosses of private entities can be called to be grilled by Parliamentary Committees. In the name of public interest. Remember Barclays Plc, BP questioning by the Senate some years ago. Facing the music all alone . without the ruse or shield from Ténors du barreau. I remain hopeful ( !!!) that a culture of constructive transparency and accountability will be part of our democracy as well .. soon. Despite the parable that ‘ l’espoir nourrit les imbéciles’. No, I am no fool . I am just an inveterate optimist for the sake of my country! Mo ena buku pasians, mo pu atann memm!


Raj Ramlugun

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