Every new government talks about improving infrastructure as soon as they are sworn in. The previous government built a new airport at a whopping cost of Rs11 billion. That was in 2013. The old terminal was not big enough, so Navin Ramgoolam decided to build a new one to welcome 4.5 million passengers yearly.  Count […]

Calling the Diaspora  

Come back home, said PJ earlier this year while attending a conference organized by the Mauritian Academic Diaspora 2018.  Le Premier ministre a lancé un vibrant appel aux Mauriciens de l'étranger ce mardi 20 février à Réduit. «Nous avons besoin de la diaspora mauricienne afin de construire une nouvelle île Maurice». Le thème choisi cette […]

Sedition : A call for a social audit of personnel in both the private and public sector can land someone in jail on charges of sedition

Every now and then, we hear and read about sedition. It is a piece of legislation that appears to instill fear in many people and many lawyers caution against it. Who is this bogeyman? Sedition is essentially any conduct that is anti-establishment. It includes speeches and writings that challenge the authority of a government. Its […]

À quand une nation mauricienne ? 

  A tous les Mauriciens qui réfléchissent, le cinquantième anniversaire de l’indépendance que l’on entame cette année devrait augurer une occasion pour se poser cette question fondamentale, à savoir si une nation mauricienne existe ou si cette notion n’est qu’à l’état embryonnaire. Tout d’abord, en quoi consiste une nation? La première définition est liée à […]

Market Liberalisation in Mauritius is Killing Local Trade

Recently I went to the supermarket and to my surprise, none of the table salts that were up for sale were actually made in Mauritius.  Our island is quite literally the perfect location for salt production, given how islands are usually surrounded by salt water, through which we derive the salt.  We have an important Maritime zone […]